Payment & Insurance

Treatment Plans and Informed Consent –  Most patients worry about the fee incurred with dental care and don’t want to be surprised with an unexpected bill after the work has been done.  We respect and understand these concerns.  Therefore, before any work begins, we create a treatment plan and obtain informed consent.

Office Financial Policy – We want to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget.  If you have dental insurance we will obtain that information before your appointment and verify your coverage.  We will bill your dental insurance carrier for you and will do our best at estimating your co-payment.  The patient or patient’s guardian is responsible for any treatment not covered by their dental insurance.  If your insurance company has not paid your account in full within 60 days of their receipt of our claim, the balance is your responsibility.  Co-payments are due at the time services are rendered.  We have several options available to pay for serviced including cash, check, debit card, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and Care Credit.  Interest free financing through Care Credit is available to our patients that qualify. 

Insurance and Billing – We accept most traditional insurance plans; please contact our office to verify the acceptance of your plan.  It is our pleasure to assist patients who have dental insurance.  We know that insurance rules can be confusing, so let us assure you that with our experienced staff, we will do our best to give you an accurate treatment plan that will itemize your fees.  Payment for services rendered is due at the time of treatment.

In an effort to maintain a high quality of dental care, we would like to share a few facts about dental insurance with you:

  1. Unlike medical insurance, dental coverage does not usually cover the total fee submitted for your dental treatment.  Dental insurance is only a supplement with a very limited amount of annual coverage.
  2. Many plans tell their insured members that they will be covered up to 80% or 100% on a procedure.  This percentage is based on the average fee in a zip code area.  Some insurance companies base their coverage on fees that are several years old; consequently they do not cover the full 80% or 100% as suggested.  This applies to fee-for-service plans only.
  3. Insurance plans utilized in our office have different percentages, deductibles and maximums.  We will do our best to calculate what your plan will cover; however there may be variances for which the patient is responsible.
  4. If we file a pre-determination for you, it s not a guarantee of payment.  Decisions are made solely at the time the claim is received.  Our staff has the experience to determine if coverage should be expected or not.
  5. Many routine dental services are NOT covered by insurance companies.  Dr. Ilawan’s treatment recommendations are based on your dental needs and not on what your insurance may or may not cover.

Appointment Information

Reservation Policy – When reserving an appointment longer than 2 hours, we may require a deposit of 25% of your co-payment for the procedure.

Cancellations and Failed Appointments – Keeping your appointment is very important to us.  Failure to keep a scheduled appointment means we could have helped another patient during that time.  We understand that occasionally emergencies do occur at the last minute, but if you need to reschedule, we ask you to try to give us at least 36 hours notice.  We make every effort to be courteous and remind you about your appointment ahead of time.  Failed appointments may result in a $50.00 fee per hour of appointment time.

Multiple family members on the same day – We will do our best to try to accommodate two members from the same family on the same day, but can not permit any more.  Please discuss this with our practice manager if you have any questions.

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about our policies.  We want you to be comfortable in dealing with these matters and we urge you to contact us by email at or phone at 985-892-2711 if you have any questions.