Dentures or false teeth are removable dental prosthetics that replace some or all of your teeth.  Dr. Ilawan will discuss your need for a full or partial denture.

  1. Full dentures – These dentures are removed daily for cleaning.
  2. Immediate full denture – An impression of your mouth is taken before your teeth are extracted.  These dentures are placed immediately after the extraction of your remaining teeth.  The advantage with immediate dentures is that our patient does not have to go without teeth.  These dentures must be relined several months after the initial placement.
  3. Partial dentures – Partial dentures usually have a metal clasp that attached to remaining teeth and are removed daily.

Dentures may need to be replaced over time as you age, due to illness and/or weight gain or loss.  Daily cleaning of the dentures is very important as will as continued oral hygiene.